Talking about life's speed bumps with One Thumb El

Today's guest is @OneThumbEl of Speed Bumps, a show where El invites her quests to talk about their speed bumps in life, whether it be positive or negative experiences. El has had a tremendous number of speed bumps in her lifetime, including her most recent one, when she decided to leave the deceptive BIG PHARMA industry to pursue a more honest career in holistic medicine.

Please note: Due to the highly sensitive nature of this conversation, it is a highly redacted. To watch the uncensored and uncut version, head over to Rokfin at https://rokfin.com/kgup_presents or watch on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/KGUPPRESENTS for as little as $3 a month!

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Intro music: The Earth is Flat by Edward Rowley

Outro music: The Earth is Flat by Jaba & Friends

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