Life after the Matrix - Interview with Rose777, S3E18

Introducing Rose777. You might know her from The Poppycock Report, Bitches Brew with Karen B, The Baby Truther Show, and Rose777 on YouTube and Rokfin.

If you've watched my channel consistently this year, you'll notice a pattern. All the guests I have on this show are all people I personally enjoy watching on a regular basis and I want to share these discoveries with you all. I've learned so much from these individuals over the span of 2 years and they've had a major impact on my life in some way, so I hope you enjoy and learn something as well!

Please tune in for this episode on Sunday, 11/28 at 3pm PST/6pm EST.

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Intro music:

"Fastfood at Midnight" by Our Propaganda

"The Earth is Flat" by Edward Rowley

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