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KGUP PRESENTS is back, alright!

"Oh my God, we're back again!"

You heard right! KGUP PRESENTS returns this season with an introduction episode to Season 2 hosted by Program Director and Founder Mikey Jayy of KGUP FM Emerge Radio!

The podcast that started it all and introduced KGUP FM Emerge Radio to the airwaves is back and better than ever. Mikey kicks off the season with a special episode to talk about the history of KGUP the original podcast and the radio station with a preview line-up of the amazing guests coming this season, including Hip Hop artist Santino, Director/Producer of Snares of the Devil and American Girl Amy Campione, Pop Artist Wolves, Pop/Soul artist Chelsea Perkins, Alternative/Synth-Pop Artist Llynks, and many more to come!

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Last year, we aired the first season of KGUP PRESENTS and you can still watch previous episodes on inDtv channel 140 on Universe Network. This year, our approach has some slight changes. We decided to return to our roots with the return to the podcast format with some added flavor, more personality, plus we have a little more freedom to explore a wide range of topics. If you want to be a guest on the show to talk about your project or service, or you have a story to tell the world, please reach out to us at

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