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KGUP PRESENTS: Interview with David Weiss

Conspiracy is one of the most entertaining and thought provoking topics. Flat Earth is one of the most censored, controversial, and interesting topics of the current era and we want to get to the bottom of it. For out first episode of KGUP PRESENTS Season III, we have invited one of the leading experts, if not THE expert to talk about this taboo subject. We ask David Weiss of The Flat Earth Podcast, The Baby Truther Show, Globebusters, and creator of the Flat Earth Sun Moon and Zodiac Clock App those hard questions to prove one way or the other. Can he convince you the Earth is flat? Or, is it a globe like we've always been taught? Hold that thought and let this interview be the deciding factor.

Find David Weiss at:


Official website:

Music by Conspiracy Music Guru

This episode is for entertainment purposes only

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