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KGUP partners up with Safer Air Masks

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the public health authority recently changed its guidance on face masks to recommend that ALL Americans wear some kind of cloth face covering in public to avoid transmitting the coronavirus to others. They are also urging the general public NOT to wear surgical masks or N95 respirators, which are in short supply, in order to save them for health care workers. A face mask covering is recommended for use in settings like grocery stores and pharmacies, where it's hard to avoid coming into close contact with others. In many cities around the country, a new requirement on wearing face coverings went into effect last week, so customers of essential businesses are required to wear a face covering while inside and for many months to come as we head back to our normal lives, we will ALL be required to wear a face mask until this epidemic is completely eradicated. KGUP recently partnered up with Safer Air Masks to provide you a special offer to KGUP listeners!

For a limited time, you can get this high quality four-layered mask which has been tested and allows easy breathing with no restrictions. The secret to this face mask offering superior protection is due to two interior non-woven sheet layers, each registering 65GSM (grams per square meter). 65GSM provides high filtration capacity. The non-woven sheet resists passage of water droplets.  A basic fabric mask is better than nothing, but the addition of double non-woven sheet filters offers better protection and more peace of mind.  These masks are not “whipped up” for a quick profit; they are labor intensive and detailed.  Their original intention was for the medical field – they need to be highly protective. Protect yourself and your family and get your mask before supplies run out by clicking this link or by searching "Face Mask - Superior Protection" A special THANK YOU goes out to all healthcare workers and essential workers! And, thank you to our listeners and all our artists inside the KGUP family that has been affected by this crisis! We hope you are safe during this unprecedented time.  If anyone has a story to share and would like to be featured during the next newsletter, please let us know by emailing us at or contact us on our website at Stay safe and be sure to listen to KGUP FM! Sincerely, KGUP FM Emerge Radio team

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