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KGUP launches playlist on YouTube Music!

All the rage these days are streaming playlists.

We first introduced our very first streaming playlist on Google Play Music, then on Spotify, and then on YouTube to watch KGUP Music Video picks and now, we are proud to Introduce our official curator playlist called, "KGUP PRESENTS" is now LIVE on YouTube Music! All of the best new music from KGUP FM is now playing on YouTube Music! If you don't like listening to live radio because you prefer to skip songs that aren't exactly your style or you'd prefer to create a playlist based on KGUP local favorites, you can now listen to us on your YouTube Music App!

Listen to new music from KGUP's featured artists list including selections from #NewMusicMonday and #NewMusicFriday!

To listen, go to or go to our YouTube Music playlist now at:

Next update: KGUP FM Emerge Radio is coming soon to Amazon Alexa and you'll be able to say, "Alexa, play KGUP FM".

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