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Just Jack talks scripture and flat earth

KGUP PRESENTS Season III, Episode 12 featuring Just Jack

Just Jack had his first interview was with Mark Sargent and then he became a regular on Strange World. He Co-hosted the first Flatoberfest with Karen B in 2020 and he's a Flat Earth activist From Charlotte NC to Columbia SC as well as the Flat Earth International Conferences in Colorado and Texas.

Just Jack has been heard multiple times with Karen B, Witsit Gets It, Jeranism, ZuluOne, GLOBEBUSTERS, Gud tims 4 all and many other channels to talk about activism, free land, family life, and Scripture Study without religious control. He has helped breach the gap between the Scriptures and those who may have been turned off to the grabblers of modern day religion.

3 types of people will enjoy this episode: - Those that have gone through life always feeling like a creator existed and you've been in search of the truth, but you felt like religion wasn't the way to do it, this episode is for you. - Those that have gone to church, but feel like they were keeping things from you and you are still unfulfilled, this episode is definitely for you. - Flat earthers. Flat earthers know this world was built by creator and we most certainly know religion was designed to hide his existence, most importantly, hide his name.

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