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Interview with KidEye on KGUP PRESENTS, Ep 11 out now!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

For Episode 11 of KGUP PRESENTS, Mikey Jayy sits down with Alternative Pop/Rock band KidEyes. After posting our #newmusicfriday on our Instagram page, KidEyes gave it a "like", so we investigated and we discovered Greg Cahn (former lead singer of Mind the Gap) is the current lead singer of the new band. Upon learning this information, we immediately invited KidEyes on KGUP PRESENTS to talk about how Greg and Ben Epand (formerly from the band Queen Caveat) met and formed the new project, KidEyes. KidEyes is known for their hit songs "Malibu" and "Ready to Go," a song that was recently named No. one on Locals Only on KROQ. 

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About KidEyes

For Alternative Pop/Rock and LA transplant duo KidEyes, this fabled tale of California dreamin’ has been the blueprint for their whole existence. “I’ve always looked at my failures as my successes,” says vocalist, Greg Cahn. “It’s just my weird form of luck.”

After another band breakup, KidEyes’ other half, Producer and guitarist Ben Epand was done being another vulnerable musician and decided to start producing his own tracks. “Once I started diving feet first into recording and taking control of my constant need to create, I realized I should’ve done this long ago. But such is life.” Now the problem wasn’t producing the tracks or finding the inspiration or themes for his recent hardship or “bad luck” per say, but finding the right voice to add the inflections to the new burst of creativity that was starting to boil over. Similarly, another band breakup had just occurred on the other side of town and now two LA wanderers by way of Ohio and Connecticut, were about to meet, they just didn’t know it yet. Not until a mutual friend and music manager played matchmaker and told both of them, I have the perfect collaborator for you on your next project!






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