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Interview with Jany Green Ep 12

In episode 12, Mikey Jayy hangs out with Pop Soul music artist Jany Green. He's known for his hit single, "Little", "Suffocate", and his latest track, "Drippin". Jany is a transplant to Los Angeles from Alaska. This talented artist knows how to make good music. His music isn't just catchy. It's bright, it's fun, it makes you feel good, and makes you want to dance. Plus, his positive personality makes you want to get to know him and that's because he's always smiling. And, what really compelled us to have Jany Green guy on KGUP PRESENTS is that he's so unknown, so we couldn't resist. So, enjoy this episode as we get to know and unravel and discover Jany Green. Listen for music by Jany Green now playing on KGUP FM Emerge Radio.

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