Crrow and Jason of Crrow777radio: Truth needs no defense

Episode 16 of KGUP PRESENTS, Season III

Thank you for watching to this edition of KGUP PRESENTS featuring Crrow777 and Jason of Crrow777radio.com. Crrow777 is by far one of the best radio hosts I've come across. If you're addicted to learning something new or want a fresh perspective on taboo topics on mainstream, Crrow777radio.com is the podcast you need to follow and subscribe to. Personally, I am a huge fan of Crrow777 and Jason. Each of their episodes are just as good and informative as the last. All their guests are very knowledgeable in each of their fields and that includes medical, religion, flat earth, alchemy, culture, censorship, spiritualism, natural healing, money & finance. What put Crrow on the map was the film "Shoot the Moon" Directed and Produced by Jason Lindgren.

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