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Analyzing Conspiracies on Monday Night Master Debaters Ep 42

Welcome to another episode of KGUP PRESENTS. This is a repeat from Monday Night Master Debaters where Mikey Jayy is joined by Ryan from @dangerousworldpod , Kyle from @thebigdumb_podcast, and Mat of @thegreatdeceptionpodcast.

A conversation where we go from a little bit of everything from Snake Venom, Watch the Water doc, For All Mankind & Man in the High Castle, Mikey's recent awakening dive into conspiracy world, Falcon9 & the firmament, Human Nature is exploration, Toy Story and the NWO, Coast to Coast with Art Bell, Bigfoot, Stevie Nicks is a witch, NYC Subway FF

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Mikey Jayy from KGUP Presents


Kyle from The Big Dumb Podcast


Ryan from Dangerous World Podcast

IG: @dangerousworldpod


Mat from The Great Deception Podcast

IG: @thegreatdeceptionpodcast





Intro music "The Earth is Flat" by Edward Rowley

Outro music "In this time'" by Music Conspiracy Guru

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