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Rewinding 2019: Top 10 Songs and We made the 'Top 10 Internet Radio Stations to Listen to in 2020

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Like most years prior, 2019 was a year of growth and change and KGUP did a lot of both even after nearly shutting its doors in 2018.

As we've witnessed since we started in 2012, the music industry has been a volatile roller coaster of ups and downs, to say the least. We found ourselves scratching our heads at times and wondering whether to hang it up and move on or make a drastic change

...we did the latter.

As we look at 2019 in hindsight, it's amazing what we accomplished in such a short period of time. We even made the "Top 10 Internet Radio Stations to Listen to in 2020" named by Huff Post, Medium, MTV Rocks, Billboard Music, Goodreads, issuu, and steemit! As some of you may already know, we wrapped up Season 1 of our TV show called KGUP PRESENTS on inDtv channel 140 on Universe Network and we're currently taping Season 2 which airs in early 2020, then we simultaneously released a podcast in conjunction to the TV show. When you consider that 32% of the population listens to podcasts, we had to jump on board.

2019 was an amazing year for music and we decided to give you guys our Top 10 Songs of Year. We received dns of submissions and we also attended several local shows and met some amazing artists that are now our Featured Artists on KGUP.

We would love to include more, but selecting this top 10 was already a lot of work. So, here we go:

No. 10 "Kiss You Goodbye" by Bleached

No. 9. "Say the Word" by Wolves

No. 8: "Good on You" by Heather Cole

No. 7 "Royal Pigs" by Broken Baby

No. 6 "Slower than Usual" by Ariel Beesley

No. 5 "Matter" by Moderns

No. 4 "Drive All Night" by joan

No. 3 "Firestarter" by Julian De Vizio

No. 2 "Slow" by Lee Brown

No. 1 "The Move" by Trapdoor Social

We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 songs of 2019!

We didn't pick these songs lightly. Our Top 10 list was determined based on search results on a particular song which lead them to KGUP which resulted to listening to the station. This Top 10 list is also based on production, composition, arrangement, and overall performance.

Nearly every song we approve gets featured on our Instagram page for #newmusicfriday and we play a one minute video clip of that song. We do this because we are proud to promote the songs we have on rotation. KGUP FM is a preferred radio playlist, so we take it a little more seriously because we care about the quality of music we play and the number of listeners proves we are doing something right. Since we launched KGUP PRESENTS, the number of listeners have grown. Since August 2019, we have been getting an average of 100k listeners per month. We haven't seen this many active listeners since we began in 2012! Over 24% of our audience tunes in for more than 4 hours!

Thank you to our listeners and thank you to the artists inside the KGUP family and we hope you had an amazing year as much as we did! We are excited to see what other opportunities will present itself and how far KGUP will go in the coming year!

Be sure to subscribe to our Spotify and Google Play Music channel and you prefer to listen to radio the old fashion way, be sure to listen to our native 24/7 live radio station



KGUP FM Emerge Radio Team

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