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KGUP is now on Spotify!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

You heard right, KGUP is finally on Spotify!

2019 has been an exciting year for KGUP. Instead of falling behind and out of existence like many indie radio stations in recent years, we took several steps forward and we have a record number of listeners, more than we have had since our inaugural year.

In July we launched our very first curator playlist on Google Play Music, then in August we aired our first ever televised show on inDtv channel 140 on Universe Network. Simultaneously, we launched the podcast version of KGUP PRESENTS on, which is now available on most podcast platforms.

Now you can listen to what's trending in the local scene on Spotify with our very own curator playlist, also called KGUP PRESENTS!

We pride ourselves on discovering what new talent is emerging in the local music scene. We are not concerned if an artist has millions of followers and millions of listens on Spotify. We only care about the quality of the music itself. We get literally dozens of submissions every day that we sift through, plus we monitor all the bands that are performing live in the local venues to find music that must be brought to your attention. It is a difficult task, but that's what sets KGUP apart from everyone else. Don't just take my word for it, give us an hour of your time and listen for yourself!

Just to name a few of the most recent additions to our music playlist, including but are not limited to:

"Heartbeat Away" by Bleached

"Royal Pigs" by Broken Baby

"Echo" by Yes You Are

"Adrenaline" by PLYA

"Down" by Emma Zanders

"Setting Yourself On Fire" by Wild Year

"The Move" by Trapdoor Social

"Dog Heart" by Cinders

"Save Me" by Michael Blum

"Lies" by Glitter Rose

"Angela" by FNTN

*Discover our complete radio and streaming playlist here on our Featured Artist page.

If you are a musician or a music lover and you have a song/artist that we must add to our playlist, please let us know!

Be sure to subscribe to our Spotify channel and you prefer to listen to radio the old fashion way, be sure to listen to our native 24/7 live radio station


KGUP FM Emerge Radio Team

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