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KGUP PRESENTS the podcast is here!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

This Summer, we finally aired our first TV talk show on inDtv channel 140 on Universe Network. It's been an eye-opening experience and we are continuously learning and improving the quality with each new episode, so thank you for your support and dedication!

So far, we've had a number of guests to start off this season including The Controversy, followed by Lee Brown, Moderns, Ariel Beesley, and Ships Have Sailed. Coming soon are special guests Trapdoor Social and Julian De Vizio.

We only support local artists, so you may not have heard any of these artists yet unless you listen to KGUP FM Emerge Radio on a regular basis. While many artists are popular within their hometown, many struggle to gain momentum outside their local areas. This is a common challenge for most independent artists. That's where we come in. The idea behind this project is to help bring awareness to these otherwise unknown artists. Most, if not all these emerging artists are currently on rotation on KGUP FM Emerge Radio, but as you know, fewer people are listening to internet radio, which is why you can now find us under "KGUP PRESENTS" now available on Google Play Music. Over time, we will expand to other streaming platforms.

If you are not already aware, our show is available on several podcast platforms. As we continue to publish newer shows, our podcast platforms will continue to expand to all the available podcast sites.

Currently, we are available on,, Google Podcast, Pocket Cast, Breaker, and Radio Public. If you prefer to listen to our podcast using your preferred podcast streaming site like iTunes or Stitcher, you can do so by placing this RSS link in your podcast feed. This will help us get distributed faster and to all the podcast platforms you listen to.

Many people ask us how we find music artists we play on KGUP FM and feature on our TV show and the answer is simple. Artists either reach out to us or our listeners recommend who they support. We often go to local shows, but we are limited to the number of live shows we can attend. Most don't make the cut. If we approve a song, we will feature them on #newmusicfriday on our Instagram page @KGUPFM but they don't always get approved for the TV show, so we need more submissions. We are always open to new music and we absolutely listen to everything that comes our way. Unlike some promoters that discriminate artists by gender, we are completely gender unbiased. We only qualify you based on the music itself and we don't care what your political stance is, what religion you are, what country you are from, or what sex you are. We love everyone and we let music speaks for itself. We often find new music through our partners at musicSUBMIT, MusicXray, Indie Music Bus, or artists can submit to us directly through our contact form.

Our doors are always open.

If you are an artist and want to be a guest on the show, please contact us. Send us a link to your website and YouTube channel (we need lots of videos). We aren't just limited to music either. If you know anyone that would be good for the show, please let us know. We are open to just about any topic or discussion. We are looking for culinary chef's, photographers, authors, filmmakers, and open to a variety of business types.

What's the story behind our new logo?

Thanks for asking! The artists we select for KGUP PRESENTS and KGUP FM are out of this world, so we wanted to salute everyone that makes the cut! Plus, our partners over at inDtv have an obsession with astronauts, so we decided to follow suit! Together we make a great team in discovering and promoting local emerging talent! KGUP only selects artists that are a potential for mainstream status. There is no other reason we play music we do and often times, the artists we play do make IT! We play music that SHOULD be on every major platform. If they don't, it's their lose!

This is the reason KGUP exists!

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