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The Great Unknowns Presents is coming back!

The show that MADE IT ALL HAPPEN is making a come back and we are NOW taking submissions for interviews to air as a podcast and will be streaming on a device near you!

...and of course we are accepting new music!

Can you believe The Great Unknowns Presents originally started in October of 2009? That's right! This show paved the way and made it possible for KGUP FM Emerge Radio's to launch in 2012. Even with all the changes in how people listen to music over the years, we are still here and are 1 million listeners strong!

Host Mikey Jayy will not only interview music artists, but people from every industry including but not limited to film, television, writers, sports icons, and business moguls...we'll even have a few influencers on the show! There is no limit to who will appear on The Great Unknowns Presents with Mikey Jayy!

The Great Unknowns Presents with Mikey Jayy podcast will air live on the new and improved KGUP FM Emerge Radio and on it's original platform, Podomatic!

If you haven't already noticed, KGUP FM Emerge Radio sounds more crisp and clearer than ever and with fewer disconnections and less buffering! As of today, our broadcast is on it's new permanent server and is better than ever...the way it was intended!

KGUP FM Emerge Radio isn't like any radio station you've ever heard. We aren't a program driven by an algorithm and we don't cater to the major record labels. We aren't like anything you've ever heard in recent years. Each artist has either submitted their music to us or we have met in person during their tour here in Los Angeles. The best part is our playlists are not programmed by bots. KGUP FM is programmed by real people, which is why people prefer KGUP FM over most music streaming services and the best's FREE!

When will The Great Unknowns Presents with Mikey Jayy start airing you ask? The podcast will begin airing as soon as we have enough content to launch, which requires contribution from you, the artist and our listeners! If you believe you are a person of interest, have a band, have a brand worth talking about or have project to promote? Let us know by emailing us at Our team will review your story and get back to you ASAP!

For everyone else, stay tuned for upcoming news and updates! Until then, keep listening and keep talking about us and sharing our links to everyone!

We almost forget the biggest news of all!

KGUP FM Emerge Radio is excited to announce we have partnered with InDspotlightTV and in 2019, we will be working to create to our own show on Universe Network channel 140! More details will be released at later date!

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