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Does your radio station support local Artists?

Good day! If you’ve read our previous newsletters, you are already aware of our wish to expand KGUP FM Emerge Radio and compete with the “big dogs” of radio and increase our presence in the Entertainment community. As the weeks have progressed, our vision for the future of KGUP FM Emerge Radio keeps evolving. Last week, we met with Grammy Award winning producer Jay Henry (George Michael, Elton John, Guy, Pet Shop Boys, LL Cool J, Bell Biv DeVoe). Henry built a Production studio inside of a college in San Diego by applying for millions of dollars worth of grants and has been helping students pursue a career in Music for over a decade. This inspired us to implement his model to use for our own. We are definitely open to the idea that KGUP FM could someday collaborate with a local college or University with or without a Radio Broadcasting program, so students pursuing a career in Radio can gain on-air experience and work at a real radio station. This is but one of several ideas we have to expand KGUP FM. At this very moment, we are preparing to launch our Crowd Funding campaign on Kickstarter this Spring and we need your help to complete the video presentation. We already have testimony from our listening audience, but right now, we are looking for Artists to do the same. How do you get involved? We need an Artist’s perspective of what Radio is lacking and we’d like you to record your testimony on video. Listen to all the mediums like FM radio, Satellite radio, public radio, AM radio, and internet radio and tell us what you think radio in general needs improvements on: Does your local radio station support local Music Artists? Does your local radio station support the Visual Arts including Painters, Sculptors, Actors, and Film Producers? Does your local radio station support local community programs including education and charity projects? These are the kind of programming topics that KGUP FM Emerge Radio is committed to cover as we move forward. This is why your testimony is so important and why we need your help. Please send us your videos in .mov or .mp4 format via WeSendIt, Dropbox, or Google Drive to Thank you for listening and supporting KGUP FM Emerge Radio!

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