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Genre: Electronic


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Genre: Alternative



Genre: Alternative



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Genre: Alternative




Genre: Alternative


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Genre: Alternative



Genre: Alternative



Genre: Pop


Broken Baby

Genre: Alternative


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Club Yorke

Genre: Alternative



Ships Have Sailed

Genre: Adult Contemporary


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101 by Walla

2nd Chance by Walla

3 AM by Mark Taylor

​Adrenaline - PYLA

Afraid to Fall by Besides Lights

Alarm by by 47radar & Jay R

All I Know by The Virtual

Always - Katie Cole
Am I Alive by The Ground Above
Amazing by Matt Cardle

Animail by Wolves

Animal of Love by Walla

Angela by FNTN

Anyone Else by Matt Cardle

Any Other Way by RxGF

Apple Shaped Heart by Casino
A Real Fine Noise by Harphoonist & The Axe Murderer

Are We In Love by Sinem Saniye

As We Grow Old by Victoria Celestine

At the Corners by The Masonry

A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Cover by Boyce Avenue)

Awake by Elise Trouw

Away by Chance You Take

Ava by Darlingside

Bad Dream by Emma Zander

Bad Karma by The Como Brothers Band

Band-Aid by Overwatch
Battle Cry by Little Empire

Beautiful to Me by Tanner Helms

Better Man - Grant Terry

Big Blue Ocean by Xuan
Binge by Diamonds Under Fire

Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover) by Casino
Black Valentine by Mimi Page

Black-Hornets by Casino

Blank Expression by Elusive Paralleogram

Blind and Naked by In Air
Blood is Thicker Than Water by Carleton Stone

Blow the House Down by Darlingside

Blue Man - Klaudia Raab

Body In Motion by Duncan Daniels
Boom Shaka Nana by Sinem Saniye

Break it Down by Liz Seaver
Breathe by Jennifer Tefft
Breathe Me In by Mimi Page

Bright Lights & Fast Cars by shake-A-vel
Broken by A.Smith
Broken Parts Will Heal by The Follow

Built Up My House by Soren Bryce

Bullet by Hollywood Undead

Bulls in the Bronx by Pierce the Veil

Bushwick Blues by Delta Spirit
Buzzcut Season (LORDE cover) - Liza Anne feat. Aaron Krause

By My Side by Jose Miguel

Cactus by Karianne Jean

California by Delta Spirit

California by Talk Like June

Calling Out by Tom Rhodes

Call Me In the Morning by Drop Dead Pin-Ups

Can I Get Your Number by Lee Brown
Carla is a Tease by The Aeon

Carey Ann by Acme Giants

Catch Me if You Can by Morgan

Caves by Pretty Too Bad

Caves In by Scott James

Changes by Jamie Kent

Charlie Brown by Hero

Chasing Your Love by Ethan Ash

Chill Out by Jovy

Choose You by Tiffany Sinko

Closer by Tegan and Sara

Complacent by Layla

Compliments by The Ground Above

Crazy Enough by Luke Potter

Crazy Ride by Emilee Allan

Criminal by NotForgotten

Crimson Sky by Shell Shock Lullaby

Curtain Call by Aiden Grimshaw

Curtain Call (Kat Krazy Extended Remix) by Aiden Grimshaw

Damn I'm Glad by This All Now

Dancin' On a Wire (feat. Kyle Wesley) by Keiyana Osmond

Dangerous (feat. Joywave) by Big Data

Dark Charms by Banta
Darkness Hides-Me by Dear Park Avenue
Darnell Wright-I.M.A- By Darnell wright & Miss p

Daze by The Beu Sisters

Desire by Matt Cardle 
Dirty Mind by Brandyn Hazelton
Distance by Jennings
Distorted by Elle Vee

Doin Me by KedaSings

Dolce by Aria Tesolin

Don't Go Away (Jose) by Roslyn Heavy

Don't Go Messing with My Heart by Kayla Stockert & The Como Brothers Band

Don't Stop Now by Kelsey Mira

Don't Switch it Up by Spencer Kane ft. Street Scholar

Don't Take The Money by Bleachers

Don't Tell by Mansions on the Moon
Don't You Dare Forget the Sun by Get Scared

Down by Emma Zander

Down to Earth by Kate Diaz

Drinks on the House by Kidd Nuutron

Drive All Night by joan

Ease My Mind - joan

Elle Vee - Translator

Empty Bottles by Stacy Clark
End of Forever by Sono Vero

Endless by The Cab

Entertainment by Phoenix

Erase the Pain by That Noise

​Everythings Perfect by Debutaunts
Fairytale Ending by Erinn Alissa Selkis

Fallacy by Gumshen 

Fallen Sun by Anthem of Silence

Far to Fall by Travis Royce

Fearless by Sammy Hakim​

Feedback (Wizard Sleeve Radio Edit) by Laura Steel

Feeling by Chance to You Take

Fell in Love with Love by Sam & Nate

Field of Fire by Paul William Ray

Fighter by Call to Start

Find A Way by Safetysuit

Find A Way by The Used

Find Me by Boyce Avenue

Find My Way by Mind the Gap
Firestarter by Julian De Vizio

Flow by Beyond Conception

Flow by Mika Ben-Yami
Follow Me by Audrianna Cole

Fools Gold by Hero the Band

Fourteen Minutes by Kari Kimmel

Fragile Bird by City and Colour

Fragile Bird (Cover) by In Air
Freedom (Prod. By Tone Jonez) by Truth aka Trouble
Free by Amber Ojeda

French Kisses by Ruby Summer

Freak by Collin Marrero

Freaking Out by A R I Z O N A

Frozen Time by Brendan Rodgers
Fsnstico by Red9

Funeral by Casino

Games by Jamie Kent & the Options

Georgia Moon by Katie Belle Akin

Get It by Vogue In the Movement

Get Low (Drop It Down) by A.L.Beatz
Ghost Town by 
Hārp Samuels

Give You the World by Sono Vero
Glass Heart by Magic Giant

Going Down by They Found Tom

Gold by Chet Faker

Good at Friends by Heather Cole

Good on You by Heather Cole

Good In Goodbye by Elle Vee
Goodbye by Casino

Gold by Helen & the Sirens
Graceful by Casino

Grace by Glitter Rose
Great Lake by Trapdoor Social

Guns Of Stone by Soren Bryce

Half Moon by Blind Pilot

Healing by Luke Potter

Heartbreak Jewelry by Gone Sugar Die

Hello from the Other Side of Hell by Bleached
Hold Me Down by Trapdoor Social

Hold On by Aiden Grimshaw

Hollow Tip by Terral T

Hollywood Rain by Glitter Rose

Hollywood Rejects by Hero the Band
How to Get What You Want by Elise Trouw

Human by Cher Lloyd

Human by Daughter

I Am by Alice BrightSky

I Bet by Colin Huntley

I Can't Wait by Katie Cole

I Come Alive by The Used
I Do by Stacy Clark

I Don't Like You by Como Brothers Band

I Fear Nothing by Dead Defined 

Ignite (AAR remix) by Candice Russell

I'll Be Gone by Rebecca Watkins

I Like Girls by Elle Vee

I'll Confide by Sinem Sanye

I'm Not Letting Go Yet - Matt Cardle

Inhaler by Foals

Inertia by Trapdoor Social

Into the Wild by LP

Is This Love by Aiden Grimshaw

Its Been So Long by Mckenna Loren

​It's Dark Here by Forewalls

It's Only Love by Matt Cardle

I Wanna Get Bet by Bleachers
I Want That - Spencer Kane

I Was a Fool by Tegan and Sara

I Wish Your Were Gay by Claud

I Won't Give Up by Tyler Ward

Jade by Magic Giant

Jaded by Justine and the Highs

Jessica (feat Julia Grayling) by Bruce Lev

J-Punch and Dave Moonshine - Hours Late
J-Punch and Dave Moonshine - Shoes
Jared Dylan Ready Set Stun

Just Like Goodbye by Heartstop

Just to Forget by Claud

Just to Get You (Naked) by FevaMode

Just One Touch by Arielle Alexander a.k.a She Did it Again

Keep it Hot by The Ground Above

Keep It Inside by Kirby Heyborne

Keep On Keepin' On by Bleached
Keep Winning by J.Keyes

Kids Are Alright by H00NCH

Kill Me by The Pretty Reckless

King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn) by Pierce the Veil
Kiss You Goodbye by Bleached
Knowing by Spencer Kane

Lanes by Walla

Lanuage by Porter Robinson

Lately by Matt Cardle
Last Dance by Nico Adams

Last Night feat. Ryan Elizabeth by Travis Royce

Leave with You by Sono Vero

LEGACY (Feat. Bobby Dub, Add-2 & DaCor) - Jus

Lemon Scent by Dead Sara
Let You Go (Born this Way) by Collin Marrero

Let's Be Honest by The Statu

Let's Just Dance by Ships Have Sailed 
Level 1 Girl by Darnell Wright
Levitating Featuring 'Intelligence

Liberate by Tony Gillespie

Lies for the Lies by The Used

Life ( One Big Party ) by CjD

Life clock by Gemini

Light Escapes by Dangerkids

Light House by Max and the Moon

Light Show by Elle Vee

Lighters by K.O.H.

Like A Piece Of Art Of Picasso House Remix Dustin Que by Lavi Beats

Like A Ghost by DRÆMINGS

Like Money by Wonder Girls
Like Summer by Josiah Gentry

Love Me Better feat. Ariel Beesley by Love Thy Brother 

Lovesick by Katrina Stone
Lovin On Me by Christine Oliver

Loving You by Matt Cardle

Lullaby by Heartstop
Lullabyes Baby by Zaccheri Gray​

Malibu by Grant Terry

Make it Happen by Looner
Malea by Darlingside

Malibu by Grant Terry

Melt with You (cover) by The Robo Drum

Mercury by EasyCompany
Mermaide & Poets - RubySummer
Message by The Side Pockets

Meant to Be by Mind the Gap

Median by Tummyache

Midday Refuse by In the Cinema

Millions of Pieces by Mansions 
Mind Control Campaign by Haster

Misty Eye by Aiden Grimshaw

Motion by Larusso

Motions by This Love

Mother & Father by Broods

My Command by The Wired Era

My Flight (Adrian Michaels Remix) by Grace Lyons

My Love by Sensor

Need 2 Please U by Krayne

New Heart by Rows

Night Like This by LP

No Time by Walla

Not Gonna Buy Your Love by Lee Brown

Numb by Sam&Nate
Oath by Cher Lloyd

Oh, Glorious Shipwreck by The Sophomore

OH OH (Hold My Heart) by Lar

Oh No by Noah Kenton
Old Town by Big Brother Smokes

Only Echoes by Darlingside

On Your Good Advice by Last Stand for Lucy

One Day by Luke Potter

One More Day by Jake Thomas Turnbull

One of A Kind by Spencer Kane

Oh Midnight by Hotel Radio 

Outflying by Shurkin
Out of My Head by Max and the Moon

Out of the woods by Foals
Over This by Deer Park Avenue
Papermoon by Jennings

Parachute by Como Brothers Band
Parasite by The Cold Chills

Parallel by Implants
Party Monster by Nylon Pink

Partystarter by Sensor

Picture by Defoe

Plane Ride by Walla

Pre Existing Complications by A Wild Frontier

Portland by Middle Brother

Promised Myself by Kylie Odetta 

Put me Down in Wine by Jett Prescott

Quit You by Tommy Collier

Ready by Civil City

Ready Set Go by Tokio Hotel
R.E.A.L. by Joy Beth
Real by The Controversy
Real Joy by Tiffany Thompson

Reason to Be by Spencer Kane

Remember by Candice Russell

Remind You by Andy Grammer

Restless by Last Stand for Lucy

Reverie by Diamonds Under Fire

Rise Up by Grant Terry

Rising Tides by WALLA

Rocketman feat. American Authors by Magic GIANT

Rollercoaster by Bleachers

Royal Pigs by Broken Baby

Ruffneck by KedaSings

Run for Love by David Nicholson

Runnin' From Your Truth by Madus

​Sacred Place by Peter Doran

Same Song by Beck Pete
Save Me by Michael Blum

Say the Word by Wolves

Science of Love by Trapdoor Social
Setting Yourself on Fire by Wild Year

Shadow by Natalie Major

She by The Sounds of Sunsets

She Can Sing by Son of Strays

Shelter by Beyond Conception

Shimmer by Notforgotton

Should Have Been Us by Spencer Kane

Show You More Love by The Ground Above (feat Stephanie Mallia) 
Shrug it Off by Audrianna Cole

Single Tear by Tyler James

Sinker Or by Alta Mira

Since You Left by Emil

Sketching Signals by Derek Joe

Slow by Lee Brown

Slower than Usual by Ariel Beesley
Snakes by Leave it to Us

Sockets and Roofs by Soren Byrce

So Long Goodbye by Theft

Someday by Banta
Somehow by Dawn Mitschele

Somethings Happening by Defoe

Somewhere In the Middle by Monte Pittman
Songbird - Katrina Stone

So U Knooow by Shy Baby

Spirit by Flowerglass

Stand Tall by The Ground Above

Starlight by Matt Cardle

Stay by Ships Have Sailed

Strange Hold by About the Noise

The Balance by Royal Tonques

The Basement by Art Block

Thirty Horses Gently Weep by The Controversy

To Love Someone Deeply by Club Yorke

Trier by Moderns
Two Voices by The Controversy

Twitching + Teasing by Wild Year

VCR - Lily Lewis

Wake Me by Bleachers

When You Were My Girl by Matt Cardle

Where I Belong by The Modern Electric

With Anything 2.0 by Travis Royce

Witmer by The Devious Means

Your Love is a Flood by fakelife

Terral T
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Broken Baby.jpg
They Found Tom.jpg